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"During those days I had met Subhash Ghai 2-3 times. He asked me what I was doing? I told him about my planning about Mrityudand. He called me at his home and listened the story of Mrityudand. He was very impressed by the story and he asked me which actress I had in my mind for my film. I took the name of Madhuri Dixit. Subhash Ghai dialled the phone number of Madhuri Dixit and fixed a meeting between us. He said,” Give a narration to Madhuri and she will decide whether to work in your film or not”. To meet Madhuri, I went to the sets of Khalnayak in Filmistan Studio and shooting for the song song “Choli Ke peeche” was going on there. I met Madhuri in the makeup room. She started listening my narration in between the shots. After some time she was hooked to the story. I observed that she had liked something and she stopped the shooting for sometime and she listened my story uninterrupted for the next 45 minutes. Till then I had no expectation that she would be agree to do my film. I thought that Choli Ke peeche and my film were two entirely different paradigms. But she said yes as soon as I was finished with my narration. Later Shabana Azmi and other actors came in the film. Mayawal saab joined us and gave us finance. My unit was established again during the making of that film. People united again and a system was established and we stood on our feet again. Film got success also. Though we did not earn much profit but we earned a standing through Mrityudand. I also developed an understanding that which kind of films I have to make. Everybody knows the later story.”

Prakash Jha
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"Writing the name of Allah on the flowers, the scent of the morning prayer has descended from the mountains."
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Scientists: Don’t freak out about Ebola.
Everyone: *Panic!*
Scientists: Freak out about climate change.
Everyone: LOL! Pass me some coal.

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Dont act like you didn’t know this was going to happen sooner or later. 

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Chennai Express *___*

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Devdas (2002)

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My mom 0.000052736 seconds after I open the fridge: Don't hold the fridge open so long
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     لَا يُقَاتِلُونَكُمْ جَمِيعًا إِلَّا فِي قُرًى مُّحَصَّنَةٍ أَوْ مِن وَرَاء جُدُرٍ 

"They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls."

— Surat Al-Hashr, Qur’an 59:14

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The Princess Elia was a good and gracious lady.

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